Monday, 21 March 2011

Latest Purchase - DFA Remixes

VA - DFA Remixes Chapter 2 (DFA)

A cheeky wee cheapo that I picked up on my trip to Manchester. My version is a stickered white label with no cover, but its got all the songs and cost less than a regular single, so I'm fine with that.

I've written before about other DFA records that I've bought and have blethered on about how much I like James Murphy's LCD Soundsystem, so it should be no surprise that I was interested in this collection of remixes, despite the odd selection of original acts. I was familiar with a couple of them before, Shake yr Coconuts and Destination Overdrive so I was totally confident that this was good deal and didn't need to listen to any more before I got it home.

Rothko and I worked out an instrumental edit of the Destination Overdrive remix which I like more than the official version and this is the first hint of a small problem for the whole collection. Every song has great things about it, but they usually tend to have something a little shit going on too. Sometimes all the bad is at the start and I'd be happy to play the last 2/3 of the tune. I generally blame whatever has been drawn from the original source songs and since its normally vocals, I guess that's fair. There is easily more good than bad about this record though. However, I should maybe mention that I repeatedly didn't buy this record when I saw it at full price.


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