Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Latest Purchase - Luv Jam

Luv Jam - Mature Oak (Phonica White)

I got very excited when i saw that there was something new out from Cottam. Apparently I got number 317 of only 444 copies. It seems a shame if there really are so few of these considering how good it is.

Luv Jam's original version is pretty good. I reckon if I'd heard it many years ago it could possibly have been a contender. All the sounds are spot on but I don't think this track does enough for me these days.

The Cottam mix on the flip is a different matter entirely. Although Cottam is still playing with basically the same tried and tested set of sounds, I'm much more taken by this side. Instantly identifiable Cottam rhythms, maybe faster than usual with quality acid tweaks and strings/washes that are determined to drag me away from the computer with my arms in the air. I know it's still early but this could be a release of the year for me.

If this is as limited as is claimed, it probably means the links I can offer will be relatively poor, but as always I'll upgrade if possible.


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