Friday, 18 March 2011

Latest Purchase - Function

Function - Feed-Forward Versions (Sandwell District)

The picture above shows the lovely vinyl this record is pressed on. It isn't the same as mine, which is typical with the marbled plastic, as each one is unique. Combine this with a sleeve that is matt charcoal on the outside with printed versions of a variety of familiar Sandwell images on the inside and you have a lovely package all in. 

I was half way to buying it before I'd even heard any of the tunes, simply because of the gorgeous presentation and the fact that this is the latest in a string of hot releases from Sandwell District.

The record is a pair of reworks of key tracks from the Feed-Forward album. The versions are credited to Function this time and carry on developing the distinctive Sandwell sound. Excellent stuff all round, although one of the tracks (Falling the Same Way) has an added crackle sound that has started to grate a little on repeat listens. Could just be my shit gear though.

Hear some samples

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