Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Latest Purchase - Spencer Davis Group

Spencer Davis Group - Best Of (Island Records)

It has to be said from the outset that the majority of this record is not great, but there are couple of songs that I have a bit of history with. 

The first ever regular DJing I did was in Potterrow Student Union in Edinburgh, almost 20 years ago. I used to get an hour to spin with my mate on their Friday indie night. You were supposed to play the records that were in racks in the DJ booth and this Spencer Davis Group album was tucked away in there. My friend and I used to get melted before we played and would always bring bags of our own tunes. This meant we could get a little far out for a Friday night student crowd, but we could always bring it back by playing one of the crowd pleasers off this record. It would always be either I'm A Man or Keep On Running that would save our skins and I've liked them ever since.

I found myself a bargain price copy on the internet, from Amazon again. It seems to be a better place to buy records all the time as the collection, including second hand stuff keeps growing and the postage is SO cheap. 

I reckon it could be the influence of tv that has made me decide to pick these up now. I've seen stuff about Steve Winwood on telly recently and there is a shit advert on just now that uses another of the songs from the album. I didn't realise the tv commercial thing until I told a friend what I'd bought and he mocked me for buying the tunes from adverts.

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