Sunday, 20 March 2011

Latest Purchase - Dub Narcotic Sound System

Dub Narcotic Sound System - Fuck Shit Up (K)

I've been after this particular piece of weirdness for ages now. I first heard it from a friend in Edinburgh years ago who was good enough to give me a recording of the single. I'd been a fan of Calvin Johnson since getting into his earlier group Beat Happening and liked the idea of a funkier sound from him. I've picked up the odd single by Dub Narcotic Sound System, but hadn't seen an affordable copy of this single.

I found a copy on Discogs and ordered it, only to realise it was from a store I know in Manchester and I coincidentally already had plans that would take me to the city visiting friends. I arranged to pick this up in person, giving me an excuse to check out what else they had in Vinyl Exchange and a few other shops in the area, while also dodging a few quid on postage.

The track itself is a blast of odd punky organ and bass driven funk with stupid lyrics that I find a lot of fun. I've played this from the copy of this a lot, so I'm happy to have it on plastic at last. I reckon I might throw this in the bag to play out some time and see if anyone else enjoys this oddball masterpiece.



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