Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Latest Purchase - Neu!

Neu! - Neu! 75 (Gronland Records)

I bought this on the same impulse that caught me the Marvin Gaye from the last entry. I've picked up a couple of Neu! records before, but I had never heard this one. Nevertheless I bought it, unplayed and sealed from a shop in Manchester. I guess I must have thought I had money to play wirh.

I'm glad I did. Obviously with having the 2 albums before this I had an idea what I was getting and my mate Declan (Uter) suggested this might be the best of the 'proper' Neu! albums. I don't always take his word on things, but he may be right this time. It is definitely better than the half baked 2nd record and I generally only play the first side of the first record, whereas both sides usually get an airing with this effort. For now at least.

Richer and more varied than the earlier records, there is a lot I like here and some stuff I'm just puzzled by.

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