Saturday, 19 March 2011

Latest Purchase - Virgo Four

Virgo Four - Resurrection (Rush Hour Recordings)

This is a sweet set made up of five records in a textured box. Each record is themed in the colours of sleeve and label. Each record has 6 tracks covering a career of work from 1984 to 1990. I'm certain I would have bought each of the individual records as singles, making this box all the more special.

I've ranted at length before about VIrgo Four, but I'll recap quickly. I love Virgo Four based on the single i got years ago and was always sure there must be other tracks of the same standard by these boys. This box set makes it apparent that the songs were many, they just never got released. I reckon if more of these tracks had come out at the time then there would be another indisputable giant name in the Chicago House pantheon. 

There is a wide variety of sounds covered on this compilation, ranging from the familiar lush house sound like the old single, through Detroit sounding instrumental techno and there are also a few unusual and surprising sounds. The tracks generally sound very fresh, despite their age although there are couple which have not aged so well, but are still an interesting document of the range of Virgo Four. I've had this set for a couple of weeks now and it has taken this long to get a proper idea of range and quality of the songs it contains.

I'll add videos for some of my favourite tracks, although for the moment it seems that only songs from the CD are available, which is a shame as the CD only has about half of the songs and many of my favourites are not included. Never mind though, there are enough quality songs available to demonstrate the quality of this set.


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