Saturday, 29 January 2011

Latest Purchase - The Dirtbombs

The Dirtbombs - Party Store (In The Red Recordings)

I got a call in the forenoon today that I struggled to understand in my morning fog, but I eventually grasped that Mono were calling me to tell me that this record that I had ordered had arrived.

I pretty much bolted out immediately to pick it up as I have been looking forward this set of guitar band covers of Detroit techno tunes. Featuring versions of Cybotron, Rhythim is Rhythim, Inner City, Aztec Mystic, DJ Assault, Carl Craig and A Number of Names, this would make a quality compilation just in terms of the source material.

There are a few immediate stand out tracks, particularly Sharevari and Jaguar, but I really like the sound of the whole thing and am already on to another playthrough.

I guess that there is a risk that this record could sound like a bit of a novelty, but that just isn't the case.  Some songs are more succesful than others, but I reckon that if you were a guitar music fan who didn't know or like the connection to Detroit techno then you'd still find something here.  The Dirtbombs have managed to make this sound like these songs are their own and yet they are still recognisable if you know the originals.

I'm looking forward to finding out how this is received by my mixture of friends some  of whom would like and know the originals, but maybe not the rock stuff and the boys who like the Dirtbombs, but not dance. I'm also pretty certain that this will be a fixture in my DJ bag.

First proper 2011 release for me as the others so far were out the end of last year and this is definitely the first that shows 2011 on the sleeve. I don't know why, but I always like to see this new number on records for a while.


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