Saturday, 2 October 2010

Latest Purchase - Virgo Four

Virgo Four - Untitled (Rush Hour Recordings)

Another rubadub special, this is the first new music released by Virgo Four since 1989 and it is really something special.  There are two tracks, Lites Go Out and Look Into Your Eyes and it is more of the smooth late 80s, dreamy deep house that has made Virgo Four a favourite of seemingly all who have heard them.

I've spent a while trying to find links related to this record, but the rubabub one above and this Fact magazine site are all that I could find. It's not on rubadub's website as they say they are only selling it out the shop and its not even on the site for Rush Hour. This is probably because the single was meant to be for sale on a Virgo Four tour.

While trying to find either samples or pictures for this record, I came across so many gushing reviews of Virgo Four, the regard they are held in is obvious. I'd almost forgotten how good they were in the years since I first heard them.  I still really love their stuff and I am not surprised when people who are hearing it for the first time through being compiled and re-released are just as taken with it now as I was all those years ago.

The picture I've used is a generic picture of a clear vinyl record with black labels like this single, but its not the right record.

I've added videos for other Virgo Four tracks so you can hear how great they are.  If I ever find anything related to the actual single I bought, I'll add it later.  I'm not sure how likely that is given that this seems to be a fairly rare purchase. However, the tracks on the new single would have fitted right in on their album, so the videos below will give an idea of the sound of this single.

I just played my old copy of the Virgo Four single and I'd forgotten how bad the Trax Records pressing is.  I'm very tempted to get the Rush Hour re-issue of the album now. 

I've found videos for the tracks finally (15/03/11). I'll just add them and leave the other ones as well, sice they're all so good.

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