Monday, 28 February 2011

Latest Purchase - The Dirtbombs

The Dirtbombs - We Have Your Surrounded (In The Red Records)

My love for The Dirtbombs just keeps growing. The two records I bought recently have been getting a lot of plays and have made me curious about the back catalogue I can see on Discogs.

This is an album of mainly original material, as opposed to the covers albums I've bought so far, but this is no bad thing as it demonstrates that they are just as comfortable and capable creating from scratch as they are at re-interpreting other folk's songs.

There are a lot of songs I really like on this record and it is a bit more rocking and possibly a little more polished sounding production-wise than Ultraglide in Black or Party Store. It is pure joy to get another top class album by a new favourite.

I've finally caught up with February. It's been a bit a mad month in terms of the amount of new vinyl I've added. Plus my computer is getting more and more cranky making posting a really frustrating process, which I let myself get really behind on. I've been posting like mad for a wee bit, covering about 3 weeks of solid spending, but this is my most recent and I only picked it up on Saturday. (2 days ago). March is looking good already as I've already got a couple in the post and there are known new releases that I'm waiting for and a trip to Manchester that will include shops to look forward to.    

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